Fire wood

Wood, Stack, Work, Firewood, StockHere are a few tips to make the splitting and stacking of your firewood simpler. You may employ less effort if you follow those guidelines.
Tools that are needed:
Wheel barrel
Splitting Wedge
Before You Begin splitting, you need to put on your Safety Gear of a Hard Hat, Google’s, and your Work Gloves. Now that you’re all geared up, you’re ready to strike that pile of wood that you have in front of you.
A fantastic suggestion to make your splitting easier and simpler is to use a small Old Tire. click for info
First find a flat area where you can lay it on the ground, then stand a log upright in the center of it. Now take the axe which hopefully you have sharpened before you decided to find the Firewood split, and bring it down with force in the center of the log. This will produce the piece split in half hopefully if you applied enough energy into it. Some of the pieces might be tough to break through, this is where you will need to apply the Splitting Wedge into the cut. Take the Sledge Hammer and drive the Wedge to the log.
With the tire protecting the log, all of the pieces should be contained inside rather than all over the floor. Additionally, it will give you more protection against flying debris that can hurt you or others. If part of this log remains standing up, you can divide it again to make smaller pieces. Load your split wood into the wheelbarrow, then wheel it to where it has to be stacked.
Once the logs are broken, you want to bring the timber into a Shed and pile it in neat rows. If you don’t have a Shed, you wish to create a square post by staking the Wood up to make it look like a post. On both ends of this row. You might have a gravel or gravel area where you are able to stack this Wood, but if you do not have an area available like that, then you need to place some planks of Wood underneath the Fire Wood to protect it from rust.
Now start filling in the row where you created the Wood pile posts on each end. As soon as you have this row completed, you possibly will need to build more rows in order to have all of your wood ready for your winter heating or camping.
Next employ a Tarp securely over the whole pile to defend the firewood from the elements.

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