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For many, this traditional beverage provides a feeling of relaxation and serene that nothing else can provide.

The fresh aroma of a gourmet coffee blend is soothing and enticing, so it’s not surprising that coffee drinkers number to the millions on a worldwide scale. For all those who indulge in this beverage, from latte sippers to five-cup-a-day guzzlers, here are a few awesome facts you probably did not know about that grand cup of joe.

Fun Coffee Factoids

Lending credit to their high-strung, hectic lifestyles, those residing in NYC consume more coffee than anybody else in the nation. If you are contemplating starting a coffee series, this is the place to do it (though remember the competition is fierce)!

Quit drinking at 99 cups, since that one will kill you. It was deemed the lethal dose for the average sized man or woman; excessive use of caffeine will result in heart failure.

Cream got its beginning in 1600. A French physician told his patients to begin drinking café au lait, or coffee with milk, to assist with their ailments. This is the preferred mix of choice for many people now, though there still exist a high number of black coffee fans.

Voltaire drank 50+ cups per day. The famous French philosopher obviously had a passion for caffeine (one can argue that this helped his imaginative works), as one morning cup clearly wasn’t doing the trick.

The ancient Arabs took java badly – so much so the only way a spouse could legally divorce her husband was when he didn’t give her sufficient caffeine. It seems crazy, but we all know the risks of coffee withdrawals!

Being a barista is a respectable profession in Italy. There you will see middle-aged women and men who take great pride in their work (and that are deemed incredibly admirable).

Hopefully these details make you enjoy your gourmet coffee slightly more. Individuals who refrain from drinking this tasty beverage just don’t get it!

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